Thursday, July 31, 2014


Ok, I've been lazy this summer and haven't been shaving as much, so this is me, unkempt.


Don't ya just love that cute little face. Eve's little boy has the sweetest brow. Here he is under the Schlotzky's table during lunch this summer.


I managed to buy a nice haul of Fiesta pottery, for my own use, and I was delighted. Here is a pic of some of it.


A little tardy, but the camera in the phone was being persnickety about sending pics to my email, but I figured a way around it. So here are Chimo and I enjoying the day.


Little Imp, Eva's pup, takes a drive with his godfather (and supplier of collars).


Taken above the Fourth of July festivities at Sandhills, I captured what to mee looks like a dragon in the sky, looking back over his left shoulder.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Working with the
great man,
larger than life,
could be like living
in Los Angeles;
you might have
a nice house
on a quiet street
with good neighbors,
but you knew
at any time,
there could be a
drive-by shooting.