Monday, October 22, 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Two of my longest and best friends, who I got to spend a little time with at the reunion. The outfits were from the 70's theme.


Some shots of Yvette from my trip back down to Tampa. We hung out, went to a museum, had Cuban sandwiches, attended a reunion cocktail party, and had dinner on Clearwater Beach. A really wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


On the way back from Tampa I visited my niece Tat, her husband TJ, and her son Torren in southwestern Georgia. Had a nice dinner.


While down in Tampa I had a chance to visit what I consider my Cuban family, especially Haydee Marquez. It was a quick visit, with Yvette, but I really enjoyed seeing her. She is in a really nice small home, where she seems to get very good care with nice people around her. I was surprised that she remembered me.


Found my little camera that had been missing since the trip to Florida this summer. Herewith some shots of the city, mostly around the canal near the new History Center.

Friday, October 5, 2018


Attended tonight the opening night of Shakespeare in Love presented by Theater South Carolina at Drayton Hall on the university campus. And what a delightful performance it was, far more professionally delivered than one would commonly expect from a company of students. What a marvelous and enjoyable show full of action and humor, and the only tragedy was that not more students and others attended (although there was a pretty good showing). I hope that the word goes out and many more are enticed to give the show a try. They will not be disappointed.

I am no theater critic, but I do love musicals and plays, and I would argue that if these actors were being graded on their performances not a single one would receive a poor grade from me. They were just wonder, the slips few and the deliveries most often well done. John Romanski did a masterful job as Shakespeare, and he was well matched with Olivia Hensley as Viola. I was impressed by Riley Lucas's Marlowe, Kayla Crumley's Queen Elizabeth (her part was way too little), and Sam Edelson's Ned Alleyn. I could actually include every performer (who often had multiple roles) and would fight a duel with anyone who claimed a single one of the cast fell short of the mark. The costumes were great, the set choreography amazing (I was surprised there were no major collisions), and the set perfect for what could have been a cumbersome mess. I have seen community theater that was not up to the standard these young actors and stage support delivered. It was my first experience at Drayton (as I have been several times to Longstreet and the Lab sites), and I hope to catch many more shows there.