Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Mostly putting these up for my siblings, a memory of our primary home, the one we spent the most time in, on Keystone Lake.

ALEX (1993)

Some more shots of my uncle Alex Rybalkin.

With two relatives in Ukraine.

The notation says this is taken near Moscow. Not sure what he was gathering.

Staged shot in Donetsk (where I think he was originally from), playing as a coal inspector.


Dad in front of the submarine Drum (SS228), located now in Mobile, Alabama. He visited in 1993.

BROOKE & MATT (1993)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Dad with his stepdaughter, Kelly Beausoleil Schmidt and her husband Doug (if it isn't her husband, I am going to be in big trouble).

Dad and Doug in Key West

DAD 2003

I think most of these shots 2002, possibly 2003. Just some nice additions. First at dinner in Rumrunner Pub, Sydney, British Columbia; second, at Coulee Dam; third, in Victoria, British Columbia.


Dad and Sharon visiting Washington, during the cherry blossoms, in 2005. Don't know who the lady in white is.