Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Scouting has always been a part of my family, boys and girls. My grandfather, father, brother and I are all Eagles, and my mother and sisters are First Classes (the equivalent in Girl Scouts). My Mom was an excellent camper and volunteer for years at GSA and BSA summer camps. My Dad was even a professional scouter and Appalachian Trail hiker. Here are some pictures from when my Dad was in scouting, Troop 24 in Trenton, New Jersey. Grandad, Frank L. Tidd, was Scoutmaster. Most of these pictures were taken by the local newspsper I think, and a couple I have seen in print, actually.

The following shot is of my Dad in 1950, a newly minted Eagle Scout, helping out on a lashing project. He was a stickler for correct lashing, I can tell you!

I don't know if Uncle John was a member of the troop, though I am sure he probably was, but second from the right of this picture is the only shot I have of Dad and John's younger adopted brother as a young man, probably around twelve years, Alex Rybalkin.

Dad and Granddad earned the Eagles at the same time, back when an adult was allowed to do so. Here we have the guys pinning the replica pins on their respective mothers, on the left Florence Tidd, and next to Dad, Lillian Tidd.

Here is a group photo of Troop 24, with Grandad on the right. Dad is in the rear kneeling row, fourth from the left. [Although I am not sure, I think Johnny might be the five boys down from Dad to the left in the same row.]

Granddad on stage presenting something or another.

Some of these shots appeared in the Trenton Sunday Times-Advertiser.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Herewith a small collection of photographs featuring my father, James F. Tidd.

1935, modeling a fashionable white onesie with broad collar, and tsunami curl.

Jackie Cooper pose while visiting the beach at Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1937. He looks unhappy, probably because he is getting goosed. :) That, or he wants to be out on the water.

Possibly a slightly older Jimmy in stylish blue. At this point he was still James Brook Tidd.

Probably around four years old in this picture.

Here we have a second grade picture. Dad rather dapper in his suit.

He continues his fine fashion sense in third grade. Second from left.

Here we have eighth grade, probably at Trenton High School.

And finally, probably from junior or senior year in high school.


Herewith a 1984 picture of my sisters Barbara Morley Tidd (top, age 21) and Elizabeth Ann Tidd Peterson (age 24), and my niece Falon (who is two).


In December 1959 my grandmother, Lillian Morley Sigley Tidd was invited to join a business group visiting Picatenny Arsenal, Doover, New Jersey on 8/9 December 1949. She is the woman standing in the front row in the fur cape to the right of the colonel.


In 1951 Eagle Scout James Francis Tidd (in the second row fourth from the left, wearing dark green shirt and white neckerchief)served as a counselor at Camp Pahaquarra, part of the George Washington Council, located in the Delaware Water Gap, northwestern New Jersey.


Herewith an official U.S. Navy photograph (9 August 1957) of Midshipmen of the Naval Academy in formation and spelling out "US59NA" while on a summer cruise aboard the aircraft carrier USS Valley Forge (CVS-45), probably somewhere out in the Atlantic.


I think one of the first boats Dad was assigned to after earning his dolphins was aboard the USS Amberjack. Herewith an official U.S. Navy photograph of the Amberjack cruising near Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, June of 1966.