Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love my Gamecocks. How sweet it sounds to hear back-to-back national champs. Thank you Coach Tanner. Wingo deserved that MVP. Roth. . .he can forever say he was the winning pitcher in two USC championship games. Everyone contributed. A gritty, scrappy team. . .the personification of a fighting bantam!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Clinton and scandal

"I for one am deeply glad that Bill Clinton did not resign; he was one of the best presidents of my lifetime and left the country in far better shape than he found it. His wife and daughter chose to forgive him and to preserve their family, which is their business, not ours. He also breached the public trust by lying, but in my view not to an extent that it affected his ability to govern successfully." (Anne-Marie Slaughter)

My sentiment, but just said a lot better than I could have done.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


They say that it’s smart and ultimately wise,
for many passwords a person to devise,
to protect access and block meddling hands,
stopping those e-thieves and other brigands.
So I make up code words, a vast array,
I must use one hundred during the day,
mostly at work and definitely home,
and with the laptop wherever I roam.
I use variations from all seven children,
brothers and sisters, nicknames and given,
combinations of numerals important to me,
one that included a grand forty-three.
In the gamerooms I’m studlymanone,
Though used awesomelovr for a short run.
Employed every pet name I’ve ever had,
Buttons, and Curly, and Slobberdogbad.
Some are so secret, I can’t tell you here,
and I change them, three times a year,
So now I’m safe and online protected,
any intrusion quickly detected,
But now I’m stalled like a morning commuter,
forgot the code to unlock my computer!