Wednesday, June 8, 2011


They say that it’s smart and ultimately wise,
for many passwords a person to devise,
to protect access and block meddling hands,
stopping those e-thieves and other brigands.
So I make up code words, a vast array,
I must use one hundred during the day,
mostly at work and definitely home,
and with the laptop wherever I roam.
I use variations from all seven children,
brothers and sisters, nicknames and given,
combinations of numerals important to me,
one that included a grand forty-three.
In the gamerooms I’m studlymanone,
Though used awesomelovr for a short run.
Employed every pet name I’ve ever had,
Buttons, and Curly, and Slobberdogbad.
Some are so secret, I can’t tell you here,
and I change them, three times a year,
So now I’m safe and online protected,
any intrusion quickly detected,
But now I’m stalled like a morning commuter,
forgot the code to unlock my computer!

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