Thursday, July 30, 2015


Last night Chimo was tapped to join his brother Joey as a member of the Order of the Arrow, a Boy Scout fraternal organization. I am happy both got to join this group. Chino was tapped along with his Assistant Scoutmaster Zack. Herewith a few pictures from ceremony at Raven Knob.


Chimo has been active his first three days of camp. He finally finished his requirements for the Lifesaving merit badge. And he was tapped into the Order of the Arrow. I unfortunately don't have any pics from that, but here he is mugging for the camera.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


For me, one of the hardest things to deal with in my normal enjoyment of televised entertainment is watching the end of a favored show, particularly one that ran for a long stretch and provided a good cast of characters. Some of the ones that left me melancholy with their passing were BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA, FIREFLY, DEADWOOD, OZ, SONS OF ANARCHY, all of the TREKs, especially VOYAGER. So tonight I bid a fond adieu to BURN NOTICE, which over seven seasons chronicled the fight of masterspy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) to understand and overturn his sudden expulsion from the CIA (getting burned, cut off from any support). We followed his love affair with the Irish beauty and deadly shooter Fi (Gabrielle Anwar, obviously not Irish though), his friendships and partnerships with Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) and later Jesse Porter (Corby Bell), and with his mom Madeleine (Sharon Gless) and dysfunctional little brother Nate (Seth Peterson). Many of the bad guys and support personnel were very good. While searching for answers the generally decent Michael helped many people with sticky problems under the radar, while explaining to his viewing audience (kind of like a running commentary) the secrets of spycraft. Sure, the acting was often stiff and overdramatic, the scenes repeatedly used, the explosions often as fake as they come, not to mention that the story probably went on for two more years than it should have. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. The part I liked best, especially in the later seasons, was the relationship and banter between Sam and Jesse. So now it is off to new stories. Goodbye, Miami.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Not many photos to choose from so far from North CArolina, but here are two that somewhat catch his enthusiasm, as well as his uncanny ability to avoid photographs.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


My Scouting Chimo off for a week of summer camp. I hope he has lots of fun.

Monday, July 13, 2015


I love all kinds of art from sculpture to paintings, and marvel at oils and pastels, but what truly amazes me often is a really good watercolor, especially when they can somehow manage to have deep detail and wondrous color. There are several South Carolinians who excel in the medium, with examples of their work scattered about the state. The following paintings are from the Florence County Museum and would be good enough alone to attract viewers to this collection, although there is plenty more in there besides. I hope I have infringed no rights, but people should really go see these works.

This one is by Charleston painter Mary Whyte, whose work is simply amazing. You can still buy her paintings as I think she is still active (and I recently saw some in dealer pages in local magazines). No doubt it will cost you a pretty penny, but if you have the dough it will be well worth it, once you see her talent. In fact, I have recently seen examples of her work in a lot of Charleston and art magazines, so you should really check her work out.

Equally good is the work of Stephen Scott Young, another active painter, I think from Florida or Bermuda, and whose paintings are also extremely expensive.

And while you're there make sure to check out the retrospective on W. H. Johnson, from his first stills to his primitive period. A really wonderful, historical painter from Florence, whose paintings are shown globally.


Tried my hand at a different type of picture. With phone camera.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


The Confederate flag needs to come down from government grounds. We attended today's rally, listened to music and speeches. Pretty good crowd for a holiday.