Monday, November 28, 2011


What’s up with Sam Brownback?
(another religious political hack!)
worried about a young girl’s tweet,
because she didn’t find him sweet,
he’s against gays, women, and freedom,
any threat to his misogynist kingdom,
I’m sure that he’s got a lot of fans,
all those damn Kansan Talibans!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Herewith a picture of the little kitty, which I named Elsie, that we captured near the Greek church. She was so hungry. I think one of the people here is going to take her to his ranch.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Watched a really amazing documentary called CATFISH, about how a young photographer in New York gets sucked into the elaborate Facebook fantasy of a middle-aged mother who passes herself off as several people, beginning with claiming to be a child prodigy in painting and eventually including a fake world populated by creative, beautiful, young people (one of which becomes the love interest of the photographer). Eventually his brother and a friend start producing a film about their relationship, but things really get interesting once they realize the ruse and start unraveling the real story, which is sad and fascinating in its own right. This woman (clearly slighted warped) gave up her dreams in her youth, and takes care of a large family in rural Michigan, which includes two physically and mentally-retarded boys (that she seems to do well with), as well as her daughter, but she loved her fantasy life and her fantasy romance with the young guy (which allowed her to dabble in the arts and feel special). Amazingly, she allowed the truth and story to be told through the documentary. It is a cautionary tale as well, about taking things online at face value.

Monday, November 7, 2011

MJB smile!

Near the end of Will Ferguson's Happiness, a group of men tracking down an author visit the local library, where one of them asks the librarian if she has read a certain book, whereupon: "I don't read," she said firmly. "Book-reading is for idle minds." Matthew Bruccoli, may he rest in peace, would have smiled widely at that statement, seeing as he often considered many librarians "book-dopes."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I can’t reveal what I really feel
as I troll through Goodreads and Book.
Here’s a nice face, in this social space,
but smart is much better than look.
Not ready for any, and there are so many,
and I enjoy speculating and dream,
that an older bookworm, with a heart warm
will think I’m as nice as I seem.
Seldom reach out, so filled with deep doubt,
To any potential cute reader,
though once in a while, a comment I’ll style,
but I’ll run before I ever meet her.


There’s not much music in poetry now,
the poets have taken an austerity vow,
thread-bare lines, no rhythm or rhyme,
con-man words, artistic pantomime?
Lyricists shunned, unless rocking a mike,
It’s not what the Professors like!
Too confused by much now written,
Like abstract art, the critics smitten
by works that display very little skill,
I'd rather view Andrew Wyeth’s hill.