Thursday, March 31, 2016


Yes, yes, I know. . .you want more pics of me as a baby. It is only natural. So here are a few from when I was about one year old, taken I think in New London, Connecticut, where my Dad was training to be a submariner.


I was born 1 February 1960, about two months premature, and I was very sick. The doctors gave me almost no chance to live, and when I hung on they said I would be mentally and physically handicapped for my life. I proved them wrong, and I was blessed. Here are some pictures of me as a newborn that I don't recall.

And lest you think I was always a happy, lovely child. . . .this:


Here is a festive picture of my grandparents Francis and Lillian Tidd, younger than I ever remember seeing them, enjoying either Christmas or perhaps New Years, likely early 1950s. It makes me smile. I really loved my grandmother, and I got along most of the the time with granddad, although he could be grouchy at times.


Here are a couple of pictures of my mother's sister, Marijka. The first is from 1959. The second she is standing next to my Dad, 1970.


My mother was a pretty woman, and Dad was lucky to win her love. Most of the following pics are from the late 1950s, though the final two are from 1969.

Mom with fellow nurses, most likely at the Asylum she worked at.

Christmas 1957

The next two are probably from around 1958, of my mother and grandmother Lillian Tidd during a trip to Annapolis.

Mom and Grandma Tidd,


Herewith three shots of the Tidd kids in 1969.

I am centered in this shot, wearing a navy enlisted man's white sailor's cap. Beth is to my right, hiding her face. Bobbie looks like she is singing, or ready to take a big bit out of something. Paul is on the floor looking back at me.

Mother having dinner with her brood. We had those ladder-back chairs forever, and I don't know where they are now. To my mom's left are Beth and myself; to the right, Bobbie and Paul.

I think the following picture may have been taken while we were on a trip to Florida. Perhaps we were staying with some family Dad knew. I recognize the green navy bunk mattresses that we used in the back of the Wagoneer when we traveled. I am looking at the camera, while Paul squirms and giggles. Beth and Bobbie are hiding from the camera, methinks.


Snow in Charleston was a pretty rare treat. In 1969 our house on Edgewater Island was covered, as were our cars, including our workhorse green Jeep Wagoneer.


After my father, James F. Tidd, graduated from the United States Naval Academy, he married his longtime sweetheart, Lidia Oxana Chmilewskyj, in Baltimore. I may be wrong, but I think the wedding was held at St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. I'm sure my aunt will quickly correct me if I am wrong. Herewith a bunch of pictures from the wedding, some a little blurry because of the scanner.