Thursday, March 31, 2016


Herewith three shots of the Tidd kids in 1969.

I am centered in this shot, wearing a navy enlisted man's white sailor's cap. Beth is to my right, hiding her face. Bobbie looks like she is singing, or ready to take a big bit out of something. Paul is on the floor looking back at me.

Mother having dinner with her brood. We had those ladder-back chairs forever, and I don't know where they are now. To my mom's left are Beth and myself; to the right, Bobbie and Paul.

I think the following picture may have been taken while we were on a trip to Florida. Perhaps we were staying with some family Dad knew. I recognize the green navy bunk mattresses that we used in the back of the Wagoneer when we traveled. I am looking at the camera, while Paul squirms and giggles. Beth and Bobbie are hiding from the camera, methinks.

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