Thursday, March 31, 2016


My parents were both avid participants in and supporters of Scouting, for both girls and boys. Both were excellent hikers and campers, and they loved to get out on the trails, especially as the kids started leaving the nest. They hiked on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Trail, in Great Britain, Florida, and other locations. Dad finally achieved one of his bucket list goals, completing the AT, and it remains one of his favorite achievements. Mom did about a third of the trail, before she suffered an illness and had to be helped off. The following pictures are from some stretches in New York, possibly one of their trips up to see friends, Summer of 1990.

Mom relaxing in the newly constructed log shelter called Plumley's Lean-to, 24 August 1990.

Here Mom stands with her walking stick alongside a Beaver Dam, 28 August 1990.

Mom hiking on the Northville Placid Trail, 29 August 1990.

Lest you think I have forgotten about Dad, who was usually taking the pictures, here is a shot of him on the Lewis Mountain Trail, 4 July 1990. The gentleman standing with him is the famous Ed Harvey, who helped popularize thru-hiking on the Appalachian Trail, having done the stretch twice apparently, 1970-1971. He is about 76 in this picture. I'm sure Dad was familiar with his books.

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