Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FAMILY 1970s

Herewith a couple pics from the 1970s.

Mom and Dad standing behind some friends in the family room. I am not sure, but I think the woman sitting was named Barbi or something like that, and she had been a butcher and retired to Florida. My siblings will have to refresh my memory. This was taken in 1978. [The following update was provided by my sister Bobbie: "That is Granny Barbara, a woman Dad met while on patrol in Lutz. She married a man named John Seik and moved back to Pennsylvania. After her death he married the lady in the second picture, cannot remember her name. Both ladies were adopted by our Girl Scout troop. The second pic is from her wedding."]

This shot comes from 1976, which makes me 16. I do not seem so amused, and I am rocking the comb-over! Yikes. So NOT attractive. My Dad looks pretty dapper, and I have no idea who my little brother Paul is hugging. We must have been going to a Girl Scout event, because Bobbie is decked out in her class As. Look at all those badges.

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