Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Although my exact dating may be off, in the Summer of 1969 (it could have been 1970)Dad took the family on a vacation trip down to Florida. My siblings may flesh out the story, but I know we visited a few tourist traps, such as some sort of sea animal related place (I don't think it was the better-known Sea World)and a Seminole Indian living history site. Here are two shots of the kids sitting on a cheesy floating platform, I suppose in readiness to be amazed by the porpoises.

Here we are, ready for launch on our what seems to be flimsy craft. You can just see my towheaded skull on the right rear, as well as Beth's head. I think Paul was sitting between us. Although it is hard to make out, Bobbie seems to be sitting in front row with white shirt and white socks.

There seems to be more collective worry about the seaworthiness of this baby barge. I don't appear to be impressed.

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