Wednesday, May 14, 2014



They’re out there again,
texting tweets, lighting crosses
over a heartfelt kiss.

[Congratulations to Michael Sams and the St. Louis Rams]

Friday, May 9, 2014


Sometimes seventeen
small syllables can be a
difficult challenge.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Picture of Joey (hard to see, but on right in grey) while camping in North Carolina last year while they were gem mining. They soon will be up there digging again.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


My family, especially my Mom (and later my sisters), has a long-standing habit of adopting into our midst individuals who quickly become an integral part of our lives. Over the years many important people seemed just to be there, as if they were always intended to be there, and it was as if they were always part of our clan. I won't list them here, but there have been many. Some stayed for short spans, others for longer periods, and each have been precious to us. Over the past decade or so my sister Beth (and then my younger one, Bobbie as well) brought into the fold the feisty pixie Esther Searer, although she was known to us as Essie. I believe she was either a friend or distant kin to my sister-in-law Patty's family, but she moved south from Pennsylvania and ended up part of the Tidd family in Florida, later moving with Beth (and Brad) to the Martin compound in southern Georgia. She held her own in this rambunctious family and always spoke her mind. She was a delightful person, even when she was acting like she was grouchy, and the verbal sparring was fun to witness, especially between Brad and Essie. It was much, much deeper than a caregiver situation, as Essie became like an older aunt, who would always come over and chat when we visited, who seemed to love my boys even though there was no direct blood. We loved visiting with her, though those times were few, and she even came up to Columbia. I know my little brother Paul was especially fond of her, and as she battled with cancer over the past few months, he made a special trip down to see her, just in time too. I was hoping she would hang on a little longer, as I was planning to go down with the boys at the end of the month, but alas God had a different schedule. We will all miss her. I have been down all day since I saw the notice. I know my sisters are grieving, and I wish them strength. And I wish for Essie a wonderful next journey and will always remember how she touched our lives. Rest in Peace, Essie.