Saturday, April 30, 2016


My sister Beth and brother Paul while visiting our Dad at the Keystone house in 2002.


Dad and Sharon mugging in the Keystone house, 2002.


Crystal Martin on her wedding day, with my dad and Sharon.

CHIMO 2002

One of Chimo's favorite outfits. . .ok, one of my favorite outfits for him.

JOEY 2002

I don't recall this picture of Joey, but I love it. It may have been one done at the daycare. But he looks good in uniform.


In February 2002 my cousin John, along with his wife Chris and daughter Allison, came and visited my parents at the Keystone homestead. Here are three pictures from the visit.


A few shots of my granddad, and others, from 1946.

That's my dad walking along with his dad.

I am guessing that these two shots are on some pier on Lake Placid. The darker-headed boy is my father, and the lighter-headed boy is John.

Kibitzing with the boys.

Up in the mountains, most likely northern New York. First one has my dad on the left. I don't know who the man is in the middle. The second shot is of granddad, grandmom, and my dad.

DAD 1946

Dad sits on the stoop of his new home, at 89 Oak Lane, Trenton, New Jersey.

DAD 1944

A couple of shots of Dad from 1944, one with his little brother John.


In 1998 Dad took a canoeing trip on the Delaware River, although I am not sure who accompanied him (possibly Sharon). Here are a few pictures. I wonder if that is his Old Town canoe?


A few shots of Paul in uniform. Not sure what event this is (1998). He served with the Pasco County Sheriff's Department and lived in New Port Richey, Florida. For several years he was a crime-scene technician, photographer, and scuba diver. He later moved up to patrol.


Sharon at Cedar Key in 1998.


My grandmother went out West to Yuma, Arizona, with granddad during part of WWII. Here are some 1944 shots of her.

She is sitting on the end, with the white collars. The other ladies are identified as Mrs. Prete, Mrs. Steptoe, and Mrs. Zor Schmiede.


Granddad served in the U.S. Army and was trained for the DDay invasion, but at the last moment was sent as a trainer to a base out west. I don't think he ever got over the sting of not getting to participate in the Normandy landings, though of course I am delighted he didn't get to go. Here are a few shots of him in uniform. Messing about with a tortoise. He looks a bit like Robert Mitchum, don't you think?

Standing on the front bumper of an Army truck, helmet in hand.

Posing (right) with an Army buddy, unidentified.

Dress uniform.

Friday, April 29, 2016


A few small pictures of the Tidd ladies (1939).



Betty checking xmas lights, Doris (blurry) looking on.


Some loose pictures of my uncle Alexander Rybalkin, from his passport photo (1995), to his trip to the Kremlin (1995), and an undated one, apparently take n in the house in which he was born (Ukraine).


A 1939 postcard picture of my great great grandfather, Walter LeRoy Tidd. There must be some good Tidd gene as far as aging goes, because to me the Tidd men don't often look their age. Just saying. :)


Dad and Sharon in the Rockies, 1995


Dad and Bruce doing their version of A Walk in the Woods; they hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail in 1995. Not sure if he was completing a leg, or if they were just hiking a section for fun. The first shot is of the guys before departing from Tampa, probably at the Amtrak station. The second is of Bruce sitting in the Riga lean-to looking out over the Housatanic Valley, I think in Connecticut.


A shot of some of the guys at a party, I think in celebration of the kickoff of attempting another leg of the Appalachian Trail by my dad and his friend Bruce Beasoleil (pictured on left). Paul is holding his daughter Tatjana. Steve Peterson is rocking the yellow cup. It is hard for me to explain how beautiful the inside of our old home was, with the beautiful cypress paneling that was found in all of the old wall spaces.


Beth and her first husband, Steve, all gussied up for some event in 1995. Beth has that disco-era high hair. I think this may be the only known picture of Steve in a suit. :) That'll teach them not to pay the blackmail request!

BOB & MARIJKA (1966)

A somewhat faded picture of my aunt and uncle, probably in Baltimore, 1966.


During Christmas 1966 my grandparents, Francis and Lillian, came out to visit the family in Hawaii. I think we had moved to the house in Pearl City by then, but it is possible we were still in the condo on Waikiki Beach. These pictures seem to indicate that Dad may have wrangled a special tour of the harbor via official Navy pilot boat. Some nice pictures of a young Dad, in his prime, really getting into his career. He loved Hawaii, and probably never would have left had he been given a choice.