Friday, April 29, 2016

DAD 1939

Some shots of Dad in 1939. Dad and his brother John on a crisp day. I believe they are out at the farm.

Playing on the farm.

Probably taken aboard the Doris, Great Aunt Hannah supervises while dad looks off at something. Great Aunt Feenie is absorbed in her purse, while John contemplates jumping into the waters.

John Hartpence plays with a car while Boo the dog looks on. John and Jim hold new balls, while Hannah and Feenie supervise.

A stagecoach or carriage from a parade, the purpose of which or where exactly I cannot ascertain. But I find two things interesting. First, Dad is just too darn cute in his black coat and cap, standing out in front and dwarfed by those around him. And one of the guys (drivers?) with their campaign hats is African American. Buffalo soldier?

The boys observing a gaggle of ducks.

Feenie supervises the boys while swimming. John is standing, dad sitting in the water.

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