Tuesday, April 26, 2016


In 1984, possibly as a tune-up for the Appalachian Trail or possibly just because they wanted to hike out there, my parents made a camping/hiking trip to Colorado. Here are some pictures from that expedition.

Preparing to leave from Jacksonville at the Amtrak Station. 30 July 1984

Their first set up was at Rock Gardens campground at Glenwood Springs. 3 August

Their first campsite on the hike. 4 August 1984 (Bobbie's birthday).

Mom at a rest stop during a hike up into the hills.

One of their campsites, chosen I think because of the beautiful flowers in that meadow, at least Dad commented on them. Mom is in the tent.

Mom hiking near Monument Lake.

Sheltering themselves from a rainstorm at lunchtime, here they are at Dry Lake, 9 August 1984.

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