Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Both Mom and Dad tackled the Appalachian Trail. Mom didn't finish, sadly, and it took a little time after her death for Dad to complete the journey. In 1986 I drove them up to Springer Mountain so they could hike up to the trail head. I almost killed myself driving back down, because I had no idea about winding roads and the speed one could achieve. At one point I drove off the side of the road and I was literally looking straight down the mountain through my right passenger window. How my angels got the car back on the road, I don't know. I took these first few shots as they prepared for their adventure.

Mom at the Forest Service Register on top of Springer Mountain, 18 March 1986.

Some pre-hike shots

One of my favorite pictures. This is Mom relaxing in the Walnut Mountain Shelter in April. It is located in Cocke, Tennessee; 260.6 miles from Springer and 1928.5 til the end of the trail.

Mom hiking on top of Thunderhead Mountain in freezing temperatures, just before sundown. She looks pretty comfortable, though. It is a beautiful sight, all the frost-covered branches, like being caught in a Siberian reindeer herd. 16 April 1986.

A couple of shots when they reached the Tennessee-Virginia line on 19 July 1986.

They had to take a break, but were back on the trail a few years later. Here Mom is taking a cigarette break near Bland, Virginia, 17 April 1989.

Mom pausing for a break on Brushy Mountain looking down at Kimberling Creek Valley, on 20 April 1989. This may be the last picture of her hiking on the trail, as she got very sick and had to come off.

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