Monday, March 28, 2016

1970s TIDDS

Although my memories are a bit sketchy, the following selection of pictures comes (I think) from around Christmas 1969-1970, probably taken in the front yard of the Edgewater Island home near Charleston, South Carolina.

The four of us Tidd kids, and our two cats. Bobbie, Jimmy, Paul (in front of me), and Beth. The Tabby female I simply do not recall the name of, but I believe the big white Tom was named Smm, and he made the trip south with us the following year and lived for many years on the Keystone Lake property.

Yours truly, aged about 10.

Beth, aged about 9.

Bobbie, aged about 6/7.

Paul, aged about 5.

My grandmother Lillian Tidd, with me, Bobbie, and Beth.

Not sure about this shot, though it appears to be my Grandmother sitting in our dining room.

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