Tuesday, March 29, 2016


In 1971 Dad went up to New York for his training to become a Boy Scout executive. Somewhere along the line he must have stopped over to visit his father and brother. I imagine these shots were taken by my grandmother, Lillian. This must be in the home they had prior to moving down to Clermont, Florida in the mid seventies.

James F. Tidd Sr. (in tie) with his younger brother John. On John's shoulder, I think, is John Jr., who would be perhaps eight or so. Sitting in the leather recliner is my grandfather, Francis Tidd.

Granddad Tidd showing my father something. Grandpa was a pretty organized fellow. Looks like this is during the holidays.

Continuation of the previous shot. Uncle John is sitting to the right. Dad still sports his Navy haircut.

Dad,in his green Boy Scout blazer, walking with his father in the snow, most likely in New Jersey.

Francis Lasher Tidd

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