Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In the morning, I shall create
a new daddy
not tired from folding five loads
picking up dozens of legos
dozens of ball bearings,
dozens of g. i. joes
hiding in the corners.
Untangling gamecube cords
and electric cords
and dvd player cords.
And why is there half-eaten sandwich
under the couch!
There will be no morning struggle
And, NO, you can’t take the gecko to school
and wait, wait. . .here’s your homework.
Why is my son wearing an orange shirt
with green pants, and socks of different hues?
Oh well, we don’t have time,
Get in the car.
Stop fighting. I said, stop fighting.
Ok, have a good day, I love you both.


  1. I heard that! There are some days I just don't wanna be the Mom. LOL