Sunday, July 5, 2009


Just caught the recent Johnny Depp vehicle, Public Enemies. It was an enjoyable movie, though often historically inaccurate and way too bloody than what really occurred, but it did I think capture some of the feeling of criminality and the role of Hoover's FBI during the Great Depression (though things seemed a bit too clean to me). They did a great job with wardrobe and settings. I don't like the glorification of criminals (although certainly there were those who admired bank robbers during this era). Depp did a good job in the role of John Dillinger, and his supporting cast was good. I wasn't swept away by Christian Bale or Billy Crudup. Marion Cottilard was cute, as Billie. The shooting sequences were pretty impressive.

I caught the dvd of Frost Nixon, and was very impressed with Frank Langella. There is no way I thought that Nixon was anyone but Nixon, a feat considering how well-known Langella's face is. Also watched on dvd Doubt, which was excellent too. The acting of Hoffman and Streep is wonderful. Definitely not an action movie, but it leaves you thinking and in awe of the characters.

A big thumbs-up for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I thought Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett were absolutely wonderful, as was Julia Ormond and the rest of the cast. Whoever was responsible for the makeup deserves a lifetime achievement award. The story was melancholy though.

I enjoyed Tommy Lee Jones in the film In the Electric Mist, based on a novel by James Lee Burke. It didn't reach the level of anticipation and excitement I would have liked, but I thought it portrayed Robicheaux fairly well.

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