Thursday, August 20, 2009


The current health-care debate is heated and getting uglier. Despite the fact that there are clearly problems in coverage (too many not covered, or underinsured, or financially burdened by the coverage they can afford) and decision-making based on crass profiteerism, rather than making sure all Americans get adequate and compassionate care, the conservative pundits and politicians---who seem to be in the pockets of BIG Insurance and other BIG financial interests---employ scare tactics and outright fabrications to thwart any positive improvements. There are legitimate and worrisome details for conservatives, and even liberals, to consider, but the Right has decided to employ major lies to scare people? Why? Because it is effective? Do Americans simply swallow everything Beck & Limbaugh say without thinking? Well, yeah. How can smart people misconstrue the funding for poor people to make legal decisions about the end of their lives (like most middle class and wealthy already do) before they are incapacitated, be misrepresented as encouraging euthanasia? What part of their asses are these people pulling their grossly wrong assessments of foreign health care? Do these people not look at all at the sound bites the insurance PR people supply them before they mouthing them? These little McCarthys simply assume that people will accept the lies, and if found out, no one will hold them accountable. We need constructive debate on a host of issues in this country, not rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth reactionary posturing. I guess there is nothing wrong with people getting heated up by policies that directly affect them, but the level of dishonesty recently is appalling.


  1. You and I disagree on this issue. The facts are pretty apparent: govt-run anything is ineffective; a single-payer system will result in scarcity, decreased quality, less choice, and not to mention even more deficits. Socialized medicine has never worked anywhere (well, except maybe Sweden; but their population is substantially less). To have a bureaucracy dictating health care for anyone is wrong, and can be argued as unconstitutional. Health care is not a right. To declare it as such would be to force health care workers to give of their time and resources. And the inflated number of 'uninsured' include approx 12 mil illegal immigrants and other millions who choose not to be covered.

  2. We already have socialized medicine. ..for old people, vets, etc. So many of the people arguing against it are beneficiaries of government programs. If we can spend billions on a misguided war in Iraq, we can take care of our people's health. It is simple as that. It is all about priorities. The government must find ways to put general practitioners in the field. . .we are top heavy in specialists. We waste enormous sums by having to funnel it through health care "providers," who do little more than clog up the system. One of my friends said, in a quip: "God wants you to know, that not everyone deserves medical care (it's called social Darwinism)." It is sarcastic, and I don't agree, but it does touch on a central theme. If we are Christians, then we are supposed to take care of each other---or we have to consider the opposite.

  3. I encoourage people to read/listen to this.