Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Watched a really nice little movie last night, Sugar. It follows a Dominican baseball pitcher as he deals with the U.S. minor league system in Iowa and then in New York City, when he leaves the team. It was well done and beautifully photographed, and softly handles many of the trials and issues faced by immigrants to this country (language, friendships, work). Well worth checking out.

I also viewed The Soloist this weekend. It was ok, about a homeless classically trained cellist in Los Angeles who is befriended by a journalist looking for a good story, but the movie seemed to lack something. I thought Morton Downey Jr. was wonderful, as was Jaimie Fox. Perhaps I am losing a little sympathy for the homeless, as I think their are other ways to deal with the mentally challenged. What they portrayed certainly is not the answer, despite the hard work done by the agencies and groups who reach out to the underclass.


  1. I heard the movie makers who created "Sugar" in an interview on NPR, and I really wanted to see that one.

    I think you're right about "The Soloist" missing something. I liked the story, and I think those two actors are fantastic, but it seemed like the movie was trying too hard. For example, I didn't care for it when they showed all those psychedelic colors when Jaimie Fox's character was listening to the music - I would much rather have continued to see his facial reactions, or maybe a flash back if the director felt the need to pump it up. I get that the music was taking him away, they don't need to make such a big deal out of it. I think sometimes keeping things simple makes a story more moving.

    I think blowing up the situation so much larger than life also made it seem even more disappointing that they couldn't do more for the mentally ill in Los Angeles... which could really be treated as a whole other story.

    I love independent films, and films with an independent spirit. I'll keep an eye on your reviews.

  2. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comments. I hope you get to read some of my earlier posts and poetry. I enjoy all kinds of movies, including independent and foreign films.