Friday, January 15, 2010


One of my favorite shows is A Chorus Line. I have seen several versions, as well as original clips, and it was covered, of course, in the PBS show about Broadway. I had heard that there was a new documentary, Every Little Step, covering the revival and the effort of more than 3000 performers to earn one of 22 spots. If you like the theater, and have ever tried for a show, there is much in here to really like. Me. . .I can't perform worth a lick, but there was much to pull at my heartstrings and squeeze a little tear. I really enjoyed it, and even the boys sat down and watched a little bit with me. I would never have the stomach to handle the stress and competition. But it also reveals how tough it is to nail a part. I especially liked the blending of old adn new, sampling of a rap session among the original cast (or workshop), that led to the development of many of the roles. I highly recommend this dvd.

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