Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Read two fairly interesting novels recently. In Pete Dexter's Spooner, the author tells the story of the relationship between a young boy, an odd troubled kind of slacker neer-do-well, and his codependent yet patient ex-naval officer stepfather who connects with the young man but never seems to understand him. Dexter is one of American's best novelists, and the story is humorous and enjoyable. I also read Gillian Flynn's second novel, Dark Places, the story of a young woman gradually coming to the realization that her brother may not have killed their family (he serving a life sentence), and that her seven-year-old testimony against him may have been wrong. You never really get to like Libby, but you want to know what happened. The narrative is told not only through her eyes, but flashbacks told from that of Ben, the accused, and Patty, the mother. It is a pretty good read, and I would recommend it. Slipped in between these novels I read Christopher Moores delicious third novel of wacky vampirism, Bite Me, following on his Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck. His books are like catnip to me, I just can wait to read them. They are funny and light, and I really like them.

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