Saturday, April 3, 2010

Girl Phase

Was driving about with Chimo, after dropping Joe off at dance, and Chimo started talking---as he does almost nonstop---he says at one point, "Yep, Dad, I think I am now in the 'like girls phase." How so, I responded. "Well, you know, sometimes you like them, then sometimes you don't." Then he starts telling me about some girl in kindergarten that cornered him and told him that he was not a real boy unless he would give her (she had a lot of freckles) a kiss. Well, apparently he gave in and did so, and then he says, somewhat bemused, "and that changed my whole life."

Dad was quietly chuckling to himself.

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  1. Ha! Lets not leave him and Luba alone together!! Today she sat on a bench next to two boys. She kept getting closer and closer, till the first boy freaked out and ran to his dad. Luba kept scooting closer and closer to the other boy. She kept looking over at me excitedly saying "Papa, it's a boy!"