Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rob Crosby

A consistent strong breeze issued off the Congaree River, cooling the rather large crowd that gathered to hear Rob Crosby and his band play tonight. The boys and I (along with two neighbors) attended the second event in the Rhythm on the River concert series put on at the Riverwalk Amphitheatre. The crowd was clearly excited to hear the local boy, and he did not disappoint them. The opening act was a woman (I think her name was Wells) who sang about three songs; she didn't have a commanding stage presence, but she did have a nice voice. Most of the music was a mix of country, folk, and blues, and most of it was very enjoyable. It is not my cup of tea normally, but I really liked the covers of James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and Carole King songs, plus several of his originals were really nice too. The song I enjoyed the most was a little piece called "Til the Last Shot is Fired." I also liked "Pray For Me"; the crowd favorite was probably "Rise Above It." My friend Fred was there and we got to chat. The kids mostly ran around along the river; we watched a black snake shimmy up a tree. A few greyhounds made an appearance, and you know me, I had to go greet them. Overall, a nice time had by all.

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