Thursday, February 3, 2011


Although he apparently was not involved in the making of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, it seems to me that the writers channeled Jim Butcher (Dresden Files series) as they were constructing their movie. Of course, the timeline is much accelerated to fit the constraints of filmmaking, but in the end I thought this Disney film was an enjoyable romp. I fully expect there will be a second. After a millenium of searching for the Prime Merlenium, the only wizard capable of defeating the evil Morgana (fans of The Magical Treehouse series need to avoid this movie), one of the three original apprentices to Merlin finds a candidate for the role in the guise of a young New York City boy, and after a accidental interlude of ten years, tries to mold and develop him into a sorcerer able to challenge the evil sorceress. Dave, played well by Jay Baruchel, a geeky physics student, has love issues, though. Nicholas Cage is very good as Harry Dr. . .I mean Balthazar. There is a nice homage to the famous Mickey scene in Fantasia. The special effects are constrained and not over the top, which is nice, and the humor is good. It would be really awesome if they could find a way to keep Monica Belucci on the screen longer, should there be a next time. I will let my boys see it; I think Joey (who likes fantasy) will really enjoy it.

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