Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In a quip attributed to Alaskan politician Andrew Halco, he said of Sarah Palin, "she's a master, not of facts, figures, or insightful policy recommendations, but at the fine art of the nonanswer, the glittering generality." I wonder if Michelle Bachman took the same classes?

And while I am on it, as the corruption and blatant lying unravels Murdock's empire in England---because who can truly believe that he and his son were unaware of payouts and improper investigative tools, such as phone hacking, and that he didn't know about large sums of money paid to victims of his newspapers, or the considerable amounts that must have been paid to lawyers defending his assets---why is it that Americans condone the purchase of media outlets in the United States by foreign interests? If Americans want to read the opinions of the foreign press, they should purchase those papers and magazines; foreigners should not have the ability to financially (and ideologically)influence American reportage. Although I don't see it happening, nothing would make me happier than to see FOX crumble, or at least get a black eye and greater scrutiny for its "reportage," ahhheeemmm, I mean "editorializing" and "propagandizing."

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