Sunday, February 19, 2012


Seldom do I enjoy a movie more than I liked the book it was adapted from. Now, I enjoyed Liz Gilbert's book, but perhaps because the constraints of filmmaking forced a lot of the whiny and overly-self introspetive bits to be abridged, and because of beautiful location shots, not to mention also the great acting of Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem, well I really liked Eat Pray Love. A lot of guys would just say it is a chic flick, and of course there is that element, but it is a very nice movie. The books is better, I think, at delivering some of the more pointed and weighty insights, and the story is changed somewhat, but the movie moves along well and leaves one with an uplifted heart. I had resisted trying both when they came out, and now tried them back to back, and I am not sorry for it. The rest of the cast---including Viola Davis (who was absolutely awesome in The Help), James Franco, and Richard Jenkins---are well cast and did a good job. And, like any good art for me, it touches something in my own life. Although I do not have any one word, I do need to incorporate a few. . .forgive and move on.

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