Monday, March 12, 2012


First time I have watched a movie from, or even about, Chad, the landlocked mostly ISlamic country in north-central Africa. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun's A SCREAMING MAN (2010) is a nice, though slowly-paced, film about about a humiliated and angry older man, a former champion swimmer, who allows his son to be forcibly drafted into government forces to fight rebel incursions (probably between 2006-2008, I am guessing). He was the long-time pool caretaker at a prominent hotel, but new management relegates him to gate guard (as they pare down their staff) as they keep his son on at the pool. He has been unable to make monetary contributions to the anti-rebel effort, and a combination of resentment and impoverishment force him to make a decision he will regret (though it is uncertain what latitude he may have had in the matter). Why the movie is titled so is confusing, as he is taciturn and often silent. I doubt most people, other than those who enjoy foreign films, will be awed by it, but it is nicely done and worth checking out. Certainly you get to see an area of the world few get to glimpse in the West.

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