Monday, August 6, 2012


Mitt Romeny. How? What are people thinking?

He assures voters he is better suited to restore (?) good relations with Europe, and then proceeds to look not only incompetent and inept, but downright stupid and superior. And a neocon mouthpiece, like a recent Republican president.

His only significant achievement as governor, Romenycare, the basis of Obamacare. Oh my. Of course, now he repudiates it.

And then this today: “As Massachusetts governor in 2004, Romney signed into law an assault weapons ban that was backed by gun owners and gun control advocates. The Massachusetts law banned the AR-15, one of the weapons that police say was used inside the Colorado theater on Friday.” Bet he wants to distance himself from that. Who did the NRA endorse?

Methinks Mitt Romney just wants to be prez, but for the life of me, other than rampaging ego, I can't understand why? I guess just to say he did it.

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