Tuesday, January 8, 2013


SEC football is simply the strongest in the nation right now, and has been. No conference comes close. There are teams who on good days playing their best can defeat SEC teams, but I don't see too many that could survive 8 weeks of SEC hammering, unless they joined the SEC and could similarly recruit. One has to give Texas A&M a lot of credit (and having a special QB) for doing as well as they did, and will likely to next year. Next season should be pretty exciting. I am optimistic about the Gamecocks. I would love to see maybe a TAMU v. USC SEC title game. That would be cool. But Alabama is still dominant, and Georgia will be strong (both depending a little on how much they lose). USC loses a good crop this year. But Clowney and our QBs will be back. Young OL will be bigger and better, I think. If another running back emerges to pair with Davis, we should be ok. Shaq needs to step up at receiver. Biggest challenge I see is linebackers. GO COCKS!

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