Sunday, May 5, 2013


Attended this afternoon a delightful gathering of Indians from the Midlands at Richland County Public Library for A Glimpse of India.  Presented by an Information Services librarian of Indian heritage, Mona Verma, the program included presentations, art, food and dance. About 100-150 people were dressed in differing expressions of Indian clothing, from traditional to modern. I chatted a little while with a nice lady who did some art and also offered to tattoo me with henna. Since I had just had lunch at Jasons Deli, I didn't sample the samosas and other delectables, but I did try one coconuttty treat that was nice. I also ate one of the really traditional Indian delicacies. . .macadamia cookie.  :)  The best part of the day was the dancing, which included Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, Telegu, and Kathak dances. The little girl who danced in the last style was especially good, I thought. Some of the kids who did the Bollywood type dancing were cute. I had a nice time and enjoyed the color and pagentry.

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