Friday, November 8, 2013


I have always wanted to go to New York City, especially to see some Broadway shows, but also to see some of the important historical and historically significant sites. Alas, it hasn't happened yet, but PBS produced a series of documentaries called Treasures of New York that focused on some of the iconic and interesting institutions this great city has to offer Americans and the World. A few I never would have considered visiting, until now---Pratt Institue, Roosevelt House, Park Avenue Armory. Others are too well known to have been ignored, and I have always pined to see the New-York Historical Society and American Museum of Natural History (as well as the Mystic in New England). These documentatires are more than just a dry history of the development and construction of these institutions, although there is that, but a good account of how they were often saved from death and with vision, financing, and skilled historical preservation (as well as implementation of modern spaces and missions) that make them honor the past while instructing the young and also pointing to the future. The Hearst Tower, with its eco-friendly confines and unique construction. The Armory now a huge center for art that features an enoromous space that can accomodate gigantic art presentations. They even built a replica of an English theater to present Shakespeare's lays. . .how cool is that? The New York Botanical Garden, particulalry the glass conservatory, is stunning. Of course there are many other places to visit in NYC, but this selection would not be a bad place to start. As long as someone saves me a seat in the theater.

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