Wednesday, December 4, 2013


By Duffy

It’s Christmas time, so I shall write
a poem about the year gone past,
hopefully it will be real cute,
not like the Walking Dead cast.

Been real hard with master busy,
but at least I have my Honey,
Sarah forgives me this ole love,
and she lets me spend her money.

So I will purr or grump around,
according to my current mood,
which is okay, most of the time,
cause she gets me some crazy food.

Who knew there was curry flavor,
spicy marsala cat-food treat!
It wasn’t bad while going down,
but made for a hot litter seat!

She keeps me fluffy for my fans,
and pimps me on her blog,
she even takes those naughty pics,
while I’m sleeping like a log.

On stage she prolly tells some jokes,
that makes some fun of me,
but that’s ok, she’s my best gal,
without her, where would I be?

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