Friday, February 21, 2014


I am a dreamer. Day dreams, light dreams, and thankfully few nightmares. But my dreaming is unlike others, I feel. Because I am a serial dreamer, and this includes long-term serial dreams (that can last years) and even finales. Yes, for some reason my brain likes to tie up loose ends in dreams, finish story lines. Not that dreaming is a seamless series of stories presented like a television show, because sometimes my character goes to a similar place and recreates some scenario, at times with changes, or within the parameters of that dream scenario he will, perhaps, carry out some other task. And I seem to have several different series running in my brain at any one time, that I seem to tap into whenever I wish, or my brain does, as if I were clicking through cable selections. I also have one-off, mini-dream movies that I experience only once, I think. And do I remember my dreams? Why, yes, I do. I can sometimes recall (and often dramatize for my office mates) a dream I had the previous night, and they marvel at the depth of detail and even plot. I don't always remember dreams (it is said you often have several during your sleep), but I recall enough that it is a regular occurrence. In some dreams I am heroic, in others deal with family issues. Not too much fantasy, but often a heroic bent. I often return to a long-running serial dream in which I am dealing with a post-apocalyptic world, largely serving as a scavenger of supplies who provides needed and wanted goodies to a large settlement nearby. Zombies! Yes, I've got them too. And many of the dreams seem relaxing, not really tense or difficult.

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