Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Brazil took it on the chin yesterday. And it was difficult to watch, even as many rooted for Germany. The loss of two important cogs in their wheel, one to injury the other to cards, certainly caused trouble with the mechanism, but it shouldn’t have shut down the entire engine. Brazil has too much talent, even on that field, but they didn’t seem like a team, especially in the back. They were confused, standing around, unsure of communications with each other (which was also evident on other parts of the pitch). And it has been somewhat evident throughout the tournament; the United States doesn’t have the level of talent, but they played as a team. Brazil seemed as if they felt they were automatically slotted, nay destined, for the final match by some divine right. At home. But that is why we play the games, and the discipline and creativity of the side in red taught the petulant pups from the Amazon a lesson that was hurtful, but I think necessary, perhaps to the world. Talent, individual brilliance, simply isn’t enough. It’s still a team sport. The score could have been even worse, though Brazil did have some good chances in the second half that just didn’t materialize because of good defensive play (and perhaps some weaker passes). The green and yellow will cry and gnash their teeth, but they will be back with a vengeance, no doubt, once the lessons have been absorbed.

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  1. It was sad for the Brazilians for sure. Good thoughts and excellent points made in this article.