Monday, November 17, 2014


My old cat Maude (who is now about fourteen and currently lives with my friend Phil) is a crotchety old gal, always has been (even when she was young). She would accept a little loving when she felt like it, but only up to a point, and then she would let you know it was time to knock it off. She didn't like other cats, at all. She is persnickety about her food. She got really sick her last year with me, and wobbled around like she was near death, and then she couldn't walk or make it to the litter box, and I thought she had some fatal neurological condition, but it turned out to be severe feline diabetes. I was about to put her down, when Phil swooped in and took care of her, and remarkably she recovered, although she still battles diabetes and some other ailments. But she hangs in there, stubborn to the last. I get to see her every once in a while. I am sure she hates living with all those dogs (and another cat), but she is also a trooper. Here are a couple recent pictures.

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  1. Wow, 14! I don't know how old my cats are but I have one that is probably about 10 and the other is only like 4. I had to have another cat put down a couple years ago because she got old and sick. :( Maude looks pretty good, and she's still able to hop up onto the desk so that's great! :) Thanks for sharing, Jim.