Thursday, March 26, 2015



[In her husky Teutonic accent]

How can I now face zee New Yawk street?
Vis out my beloved, whom dis heart did beat,
His shaggiest scowl, dis I much loved it so,
His fur was zee color of late vinter snow,
All him unkempt, like he had just voken up,
And you’d best bring quick, zee catnip cup,
I know I was just pretty face in his harem,
he was zee big king, you just can’t compare him,
to any cat stud, when he slipped from his home,
Ramsingh didn’t know just how far he could roam!
Ten or more ladies he could hit in zee night!
Owwww, what a bundle of scrumptious delight,
I laffs at zat Honig Boo Boo, such an interloper,
When he missed me one night, I was such a moper!
Kama Cat Sutra that he knew quite supremely,
Covered dis body like zee feline Bruce Lee!
But I knew he loved Sarah, he’d go on and on,
Though he said she talked too much of Lebron.
So now all zee pussies, will wail ova and ova,
Very late in zee night for our lost Casanova.

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