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In the summer of 1952 my father, James F. Tidd, served as a Boy Scout counselor (for the second time) at Camp Paharaqurra on the Delaware River. His primary responsibility was as a rifle range assistant. He was obviously not that enthusiastic a counselor, as we can observe him here sitting on the concrete bricks with his chin in his palm. The identity of the shooters is unknown. I find it interesting that the boys had long-bladed hunting knives back then, and that a couple of the boys look like they may have been sea scouts (in the darker uniforms).

Dad posing at the range. You can see his Eagle Scout award.

Obviously too, Dad wasn't as keen on range security it seems. Here are two of his friends, Jeff Myler (left) and his best friend in high school and scouting, Herb Wahl (right), acting out the gunfight at PQ Corral. Wahl accidentally strangled in a weird garage mishap, or so he was told.

Identified as Doug Hawke, fishing on the west bank of the Delaware River, looking east to the camp.

Note the unkempt cots! Herewith a group of counselors are playing cards. The scout without the hat is identified as Jeff Myler.

Dad also appears to have served in the same capacity at the camp in 1951. Herewith three very small photos of dad on the range while boys are shooting or listening to instructions. Dad is standing, wearing a checkered shirt.

In July of 1991 my dad hiked through the old camp area. Here is a picture of Poxono Island from the old waterfront area.

The remaining stone foundation for their old mess hall building.

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