Sunday, May 1, 2016


Last night I attended my first Rhythm on the River concert of the year. Although it was overcast and at times a bit breezy, overall the conditions were quite comfortable. A medium crowd, no doubt pared down by the threat of rain, but those that attended saw a pretty good show by local smooth jazz/r&b/beach cover band Quiet Storm. I thought they were pretty good, and entertaining, though they tended to do a little more banter and less music than I normally like. The lead singer has a really good voice, and entertaining manner, and his co-vocalist was pretty good too. I really liked their guitarist. Song selection was good for this crowd. I didn't love their rendition of WHAT you WON'T do FOR love, but I enjoyed most of the concert. People were friendly. A bit tired of the Hardee's burger-eating competition. The local entertainment group does a nice job with these events, and I like attending them. Plus, the river.

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