Monday, October 19, 2009


On Sunday, we attended a "play" about Sherlock Holmes, but it was a bit over the boys' heads, so we opted out and went to dinner and to play for a bit, then caught Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which wasn't bad a t all.

Tonight we attended the South Carolina Fair. . .ok, actually, we attended the Midway, using the "all-for-one-price-ride-ticket". The boys had a grand time, and Chimo was able to do almost all of the rides. He missed out on the giant slide (why he wouldn't be allowed on that, I am not sure), but then Joey couldn't play on the Raiders set, so they were even. Chimo did well on most rides, but the Pharoh (basically a giant swing), which he rode, still scares him. . .and I saw him up there, huffing and puffing. Joey loved the rides that went fast backwards. I think they would have ridden the flume ride over and over, had I let them, but it was simply too cold for that. The first priority when we arrived was to ride Crazy Mouse, since last year we used up about an hour and a half, or more, waiting in line for it, only to have it break down. Once we got it out of the way, they reluctantly accepted the challenge of the Inverter. . .and once they saw they would surivie, it was off to the races. Joey was flashing the grin he so seldom shows. I had fun watching them, though my wallet took a beating. Joey really wanted friend mushrooms and pizza, so I relented. Wasn't much I could eat, so I had a turkey leg. Did not eat any fried flour goodies. They really liked the SuperSwing.

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