Friday, October 9, 2009


Now, I like President Obama as much as the next guy, and a heck of a lot more than the wacko wing-nuts, and overall I think he has done a good job so far. But the announcement that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was a bit perplexing. Sure, he has attempted to move the United States toward a more peaceful path---despite being saddled with two wars not of his making---and I commend his efforts to reduce the nuclear stockpiles and reduce tensions with the Muslim world. But the Peace Prize? Already? Hmmmmm. . .I was thinking maybe this was a "preemptive awarding"! Perhaps the Swedes were worried we were planning on bombing them? Well, maybe they were just so delighted to have the warmongers in the Cheney (I mean Bush) White House replaced by the more pacifist Obama, that the committee members decided to award the prize as a hopeful gesture of future good behavior on behalf of Washington? But the Literary prize organizations better not start awarding prizes for forthcoming volumes!


  1. Oh my gosh! We can agree on something political! Well, just that Obama's latest award is rather surprising and perhaps undeserved. You probably like him as much as I dislike him; however, if he were to truly earn the award some day--more power to him. This is just ridiculous. And really, giving it to someone who hasn't actually earned it diminishes its relevancy. (And not to mention is a slap in the face to his competitors, many of whom have done extraordinary things.....over time.) I think the next recipient is going to be like "Really? Big deal."

  2. Even Obama said he was surprised that he was honored. It's not like he asked for it. The only ones to be amazed by are the committee, who have a great deal of latitude. Yes, I think it was the anti-Bush award. And it does recognize to an extent his attempts to limit nucelar war so far. It just shows you how important the US is on a world stage. And the committee has done this before, to a certain extent, giving the award to Wilson in his determination to saty out of WWI, and then he reversed fields. I think it may have been an attempt by the Swedes to say, "yes, we know Iran is out of line, but please don't bomb them in to oblivion."