Saturday, April 2, 2011


Life was tough for Kurds living along the border between Iran and Iraq, especially during the war, as many men turn to smuggling from Iran into Iraq to make money. Humping supplies over snow-covered mountains on their backs or via mule, the smugglers had to avoid robbers, border patrols, and land mines in addition to dangerous terrain and dishonest brokers, as well as the side effects of giving the mules too much alcohol. The Iranian movie A Time for Drunken Horses follows the efforts of a group of orphaned children (the eldest girl about 15, the eldest boy 12) as they struggle to make money and try to save their crippled brother who desperately needs an operation in Iraq. It is a remarkable film, that reveals a different corner of the world and tells a compelling story. What is heartbreaking is the level of work expected of the kids, who often forgo education to pitch in; the jobs are tough and poorly paid, such as carrying loads. Despite the difficulties faced by this family, they sacrifice almost everything to save their brother, against incredible prognoses, and also a deep sense of love and family shines through. I encourage film lovers to give this movie a try.

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