Saturday, April 28, 2012


I feel a little blue right now. Not the blue of depression, but a glowing amethyst hue of fulfillment after having finished the delightfully humorous historical-fantasy crafted (or should I say painted) by Christopher Moore, his recent gift, Sacre Blue. His convoluted story follows the long existence of the gnome-like hellion Colorman and his sidekick, a devilishly beautiful muse with the ability to shift time as she inspires, who together stalk artists in order to create a special blue used in the arts. The novel takes place mostly in late-nineteenth-century Paris, and incorporates the true art and lives of a host of well-known artists and even some other historical figures into his fantastical tale. Moore employs his familiar wit, especially in his dialogue, and stays true to his usual fare of naughty repartee and imagery, as well as other witty banter. Fans of Moore will not be disappointed, and I would place this work closer on his spectrum of works at the end anchored by Lamb. Moore seems to have done a lot of excellent research on the arts, especially painting, and anyone with a love for the giants of this period will find the book amusing. Also, try to get the first edition, with the blue print and color reproductions.


  1. Well, you paint a very pretty picture of this book. It's always great to read a book that you hate to see it end!

  2. It took me a chapter or two to really get into Sacre Blue--seems a bit different than his usual humor, even Lamb. But now I'm hooked with about half of the novel to go!

    1. It picks up steam. I enjoy everything he has written.