Tuesday, April 3, 2012


In the vein of Dogma or Clerks, perhaps, comes a nice little romantic comedy about suicide in Wristcutters (2006). After lovesick Zia (Patrick Fugit) kills himself and arrives in suicide purgatory, which looks a lot like a worn-out desert ghost town in which the mountains always seem to be far away and the houses and cars are perpetually rundown, he hooks up with two fellow suicides, Russian rocker Eugene and OD case Mikal (who believes she was wrongly sent to this level of hell), as they each search for something missing (his ex and miracles, a love, and the People In Charge [PIC], respectively). A low key, and likely low budget, gem of a movie; the pacing is great and the situations comical. Several familiar faces have roles. Although there are many messages, most of which I am likely to have missed, I think the main ones are that suicide is stupid, and that love conquerers even the afterlife. It is a very enjoyable film.

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