Tuesday, December 25, 2012


No, not me, silly. You wouldn't want to see that. But what you might want to see, and there is some nakedness in it, is the British movie Naked (1993), starring David Thewlis as Johnny, a somewhat unlikable misogynist on the run from Manchester who escapes to London searching for someplace to land, hoping it might be with his ex-girlfriend Louise (played well by Lesley Sharp). Although I didn't see the attraction, physically or personality-wise, women seem open to sexual relations with him, despite his abusive bullying and intellectual ravings. Thewlis is wonderful in the role, especially as he roams the streets seeking some sort of connection to people, but he is both irritatingly superior and pathetic. Except for the crying scenes, the late Katrin Cartlidge was decent as Louise's needy roommate. I didn't quite understand the role of Jeremy, similar in personality to Johnny but wealthier. The movie seems gritty and real for the most part. It is not my favorite, but it definitely was interesting.

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