Monday, March 11, 2013


For artists, and those interested in the creative process of one musical artist, let me encourage you to watch Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse (2010), a documentary following the two-year production of her album Ellipse, covering not only some of the writing, but the construction of her sound studio, the experimentation with sounds, mastering the new equipment, working with other musicians, and many of the numerous struggles that go into composing. She is quite talented, and a bit zany. I have much enjoyed her music, both solo and in Frou Frou. There is somethign to be said for finally letting a project go, because one could tweek and tweek forever. The photography, both by Heap and whatever camera people she employed, as well as whomever out the documentarty together, did a good job of quickly capturing glimpses and propelling the story along to the hectic and tiring final days. They captured what appears to be a very free spirit, and a talented one at that (who apparently plays a wide range of instruments as well as just about anything else she can lay her hands on. For those who have never played music or recorded, it also opens one's eyes to some of what occurs in the long process of producing a song or album. Hard work, inspiration, long hours, willingness to scrap or refine, and so much more.

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