Thursday, March 7, 2013


Unfortunately, because a history lecture started one hour after the beginning of the monthly First Thursday in downtown Columbia, I was able only to see the exhibit of art at Tapps. But it was well worth my time to drop in and see many examples of beautiful and hard work produced by South Carolina students (primarily from Richland and Lexington counties, but others were also represented). High and middle school students were featured, but some of it was produced all the way down to elementary level. The professionalism of some pieces was startling and encouraging. Some photography was especially good. It is great to see that art still thrives in the state's schools and that First Thursday provides another opportunity for these artists to showcase their talent. As an aside, the art produced by my sons over the last few years is every bit as good as most of what I saw tonight. Yeah, I am biased, but you should see what they have done: come to my office!

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