Saturday, April 27, 2013


Although first night of coverage of NFL Draft on ESPN was passible, second night was simply horrible. Why do we need four commentators (and many more actually), several of whom are only mildly informative and almost none of them entertaining, to shepherd us through the experience, spending their time (mostly incorrectly) guessing which players the teams will select? I'd much rather get good information on players who were actually selected. Twice, after waiting patiently for my team to pick, they talked completely over the selection (even blocking the veteran chosen to announce the pick so that he never even appeared on screen, except for in the background), and I heard nothing about the rookie's skills or whether the pick would help my team. No. . .they had to go on and on about Matthieu (and another fellow), as if they were not going to let a morsel of info they had studied about him go to waste. Of course, they allowed NY picks to be shown, as well as other favorites. I was disappointed and can't imagine the lower rounds being better, unless they just dispense with  fluff and just follow the selections. Kiper was fixated on the length of players' arms, and basically parroted combine results the whole time. You could see him looking down while others were talking, deciding what he was going to say about each player. Dilfer was a waste of time, in my opinion, and Wingo should have kept better control of the group. Photo clips of  players were often poor, and occasionally even silly. Although many former players chosen to represent their old teams were good on the field, there wasn't much star power tonight.

They continued to kibitz over my teams' selections on the next two days. The Rams did well in their picks, but very little talk about them.

And the Gamecocks are finally coming off the board. Lattimore to 49ers, Devin Taylor to Lions, Ace to Jaguars. Swearinger went early to Texans. I hope a couple more get chances.

Seven total Gamecocks selected, and second Mr. Irrelevant in five years. Last one has had a good career, Succop of thre Chiefs. I think Justice Cunningham will do well, though seems there are already established TEs there.

My overall assessment? Although many complained about the lack of star power, I think a larger percentage of players in this draft will have productive careers than some of the star-powered drafts of the past. 

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