Monday, April 22, 2013


While visiting Dad and Sharon in Kodak, we took a side trip on Saturday to see the Titanic Museum outside of Gatlinburg, and it was very interesting indeed. Traffic was a bear though, and it must have taken nearly two hours to get from his house and down not much more than a couple of miles of 66. I can't imagine how much longer it would have taken to get all the way to the Aquarium, which we had also intended to visit. The museum was quite a show, and while acknowledging an element of touristy-trapness, I thought they had done a good job with their displays and exhibits, and they made what appears to be a solid effort at accuracy and  fairness, though some elements of the story were seemingly purposely overlooked. I especially liked the actual artifacts from the ship that were on display (as well as other period pieces and White Star selections). I also liked the dollhouse-scaled re-creation featured when you go into the first or second gallery. If I have any complaint, it is that there is a bit of repetition of information. The staff (all decked in replica outfits) was attentive and very pleasant, especially the two maids who were working the grand staircase while we were there (the upstairs maid from Carson Newman being especially attractive, too). The boys really liked their visit. They have you follow the experience of a passenger or crew person, and only one of the individuals we shadowed during our trip through the museum survived (Joey's).  Anyone with an interest in the disaster would enjoy this museum.


  1. I would have loved to gone here!

    Sarah Ramsingh.

  2. Far better than expected. If I am a nerd, I probably would be best described as a museum nerd, as I love them (history background, of course). Plus I am a disaster-phile, especially when I was young, as I read all I could about Titanic, Jamestown Flood, Texas City, Iroquois Fire, Coconut Grove, and so on.